Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there different grades of Munson Premium Angus Beef?  No, ALL Munson Premium Angus Beef steers are selected from the our original Munson Angus cow/calf herd, each animal is fed a special diet, and they all receive excellent care by fifth generation ranchers. We believe that this approach results in a consistently, delicious, high quality product you can share with family and friends.

 What is "Corn Fed" vs. "Grain Fed" Beef? "Grain Fed" Beef are fed a variety of grains in feed lots. "Corn Fed" Munson Premium Angus Beef are fed our own farm grown corn as a primary grain (processed in our own feed mill) during the finishing process which provides Munson Beef with its signature robust flavor.

What is "Corn Fed" vs. "Grass Fed" Beef? Initially, ALL cattle are raised on pasture. "Grass fed" cattle are entirely fed grass/clover diet.  Munson Premium Angus Beef are "Corn Fed" finished which means they spend a majority of their lives free roaming in the beautiful flint hill pastures grazing of grass.  During the finishing process, they are fed a special diet which consists of corn as a primary grain.  We believe that this process and quality of care increases the quality of our beef to create a highest standard of marbling on thick and juicy steaks and our traditional 14 day dry aging techniques provide a uniquely robust flavor.

Is Munson Angus Beef "All Natural" Beef? Munson Premium Angus Beef is "All Natural", All Angus Beef.  Our Pure Bred Angus herd is raised WITHOUT growth hormones, antibiotics, or animal byproducts added to feed.  Munson Premium Angus Beef is also free of added flavors, color enhancers, and preservatives.