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Munson Premium Angus Beef is the best source for the highest prime quality dry-aged steaks, roasts, specialty and gourmet products that money can buy. Since 1924, our cow/calf herd has been raised in open pastures on our own fifth generation family farm and ranch so we can guarantee that from start to finish each steer is raised in a low stress environment and grass fed, grain finished with the perfect combination of nutrients in their diets to promote exceptional flavor, high quality, and robust flavor. Our beef is free of antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids, color and flavor enhancers, and preservatives.
We are committed to producing a high quality product that is flavorful, tender, healthy, and outstanding in every way and you won't find that in ordinary beef. It's a difference you can taste!

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Look around our website butcher shop for a variety of premium steaks, steakburgers, classic steaks, roasts, even specialty cuts such as pet treats, and convenient items such as beef jerky.

Is gourmet cooking your style? Munson Premium Angus Beef is tender with a robust flavor. Try a thick and juicy Angus Steakburger, Premium Angus Steak, or Steak Kabobs on the grill. Enjoy a baked prime rib roast, slow cook a stew, or smoke a beef brisket. Before the big game, drizzle olive oil and fresh rosemary on our Angus beef brats and bake in the oven. The possibilities are endless with the variety of Angus beef cuts that can be easily ordered online through this website.
Eat Healthy! Improve your diet with real, natural food that hasn't been genetically altered or highly processed with preservatives. Beef is recommended by health professionals because it is a high-quality protein that contains all the essential amino acids the body needs, high-protein diets may curb hunger, play a role in the prevention of type-2 diabetes, improve the effectiveness of exercise, play a role in bone health, plus there are 29 lean cuts of beef available that have less total fat than skinless chicken.
Why buy from Munson Premium Angus Beef? Munson Premium Angus Beef has exceptional flavor, tenderness, and it is healthy, too!

A Traditional Approach: Even the simplest recipes have a new depth of flavor, tenderness, and texture when meat has been properly dry-aged. All Munson Premium Angus Beef is dry aged in temperature-controlled coolers for a full 14 days. It's a natural process, and it's a vanishing art. Few butchers are still willing to invest the time and expense required to bring each cut of meat to the height of perfection. Dry aging simply reduces the moisture content and concentrates and heightens the robust flavor of great beef. That reduction, combined with the natural tenderizing of enzymes in the meat, produces unparalleled quality.
Excellence is our standard for both the quality of our Angus Beef products and our customer service. Place an order for Munson Premium Angus Beef and we'll become a healthy, nutritious, and delicious choice for your family and friends.
Your best choice for naturally raised extra thick, 1 1/2 inch thick cut, Premium Angus Steaks is the impressive Great Steak CollectionTM - now available in our local Midwest meat retail store direct from Munson Premium Angus Beef, LLC.