The Munson Angus Herd:

Our Angus cow/calf herd, a bred of cattle known for their meat marbling qualities, originated west of Junction City, Kansas in 1924.  Since then, Munson Premium Angus Beef was sold at the legendary Kansas City Stock Yards and more recently to Tyson, formerly Iowa Beef Processing (IBP), in Emporia, Kansas.  Over 95% of Munson Beef grades as choice or prime.  Our herd is grass fed and grain (corn) finished by fifth generation ranchers.  We do NOT use growth hormones, antibiotics, color/flavor enhancers, or preservatives in processing.  Each cut is USDA or State of Kansas inspected, dry aged a full 2 weeks, and trimmed by hand to create custom cuts with a robust flavor you won’t find in ordinary meats.  From our ranch to your fork taste the difference of Munson Premium Angus Beef.    

Munson Angus Ranch Operation:

Let your taste buds recall the flavor of a great steak from a great steakhouse. Our goal is to provide the highest quality beef that is delicious, all natural, healthy, and outstanding in every way.  In 2007, our fifth generation family operated farm and ranch expanded by opening Munson Premium Angus Beef, LLC, a local meat retail store, open to the public. In 2011, we expanded again to include nationwide internet sales.  We are pleased to provide our “all natural” Angus beef products that your family and friends will enjoy.  Because no backyard barbecue is complete, without Munson Premium Angus Beef.