Split Side Quarter
Split Side Quarter

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Standard Split Side

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Example of a Standard Split Side
1/4 of an animal-approx. 100lbs
6 T-Bones 6lbs
2 Ribeye Steaks 4.33lbs
2 KC Strips .94lbs
6 Sirloin Steaks 3.47lbs total (Bacon or non bacon wrappedO
1 Gourmet Fillet Steak .59lbs
50 1lb packages of Ground beef
12 Cube Steaks (3 packages) 3.28lbs
4 Ranch Style Steaks 3.73lbs
1 Stir Fri Meat-no seasoning added .99lbs
1 Fajita Meat-no seasoning added 1.05lbs
1 Pikes Peak Roast 3.35lbs
1 Eye of Round Roast 4.05lbs
1 Rump Roast 2.25lbs
1 Brisket 2.79lbs
1 Arm Roast 3.39lbs
2 Flat Iron Steaks 1.2lbs
3 Chuck Roasts 9.8lbs
3 Stew meat-no seasoning added 3.02lbs

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